LAS Art Foundation präsentiert Lawrence Lek: NOX

With NOX, the LAS Art Foundation presents the most comprehensive exhibition to date by Lawrence Lek on three floors of the empty department store Kranzler Eck. Previously known to many Berliners as “Bilka”. “Karstadt Sport”, the building forms the architectural framework for all areas of Lek's multidisciplinary practice, the installations and Combines game design with sound and video work. The expansive The conclusion of the exhibition invites visitors to explore a smart city Discover where the fictional AI company Farsight Corporation is based tests and trains sentient, self-driving cars. The work represents the latest chapter in Lek's Chinese futurist film. Universe that explores the problems and promises of artificial intelligence Secret service questioned. NOX is about progressive integration of artificial intelligence in urban life and promotes it Consider questions of agency, ethics, and empathy in the coexistence of humans and machines. 

 Lawrence Lek is an artist, filmmaker and musician whose work deal with virtual reality and simulation. Lek explores in it Worldbuilding as a kind of multidimensional collage that consists of elements material and virtual worlds combined. Designing his work Narratives that represent alternative histories and possible futures show scenarios. To the previous chapters of his sinofuturistic film universe includes the CGI feature film AIDOL (2019), the open World game series 2065 (2018 – ongoing), the AI ​​coming-of-age story chichte Geomancer (2017) and the video essay Sinofuturism (1839-2046 AD) (2016). His most recent solo exhibitions have included: shown in the following institutions: QUAD, Derby (2022-2023); ZiWU The Bund, Shanghai (2022); HEK House of Electronic Arts, Basel (2019); arebyte, London (2018); and K11 art space, Hong Kong (2018). Lek is alive and works in London

Credit: Lawrence Lek, NOX, 2023. © Lawrence Lek. Commissioned by LAS Art Foundation. Photo: Andrea Rossetti

LAS Art Foundation, Berlin