True to the motto “Future Materials”, the kids learn along on the discovery tour Tina Turbo, which Porsche uses to make individual vehicle parts which places, among other things, fishing nets and quartz sand can be found. Speaking of finding, there is a lot to do on a hidden object picture at the “Idea Forge” station discover, among others, Tina Turbo, who is there in the Weissach development center hid really well. The children become more familiar with the Weissach location presented how a Porsche is made and what jobs there are. Another one The experience to take part in this tour is the modernized Porsche coat of arms, which awaits skilled puzzlers in individual pieces. There is one for the “Design” category Digital drawing board ready, a hands-on game for the “lightweight construction” area. At With this puzzle, children learn, among other things, how Porsche works with racing cars can save weight. The children can experience the “pioneering spirit” of the brand Take part in the quiz of the same name and go back to the early days of the sports car manufacturer immerse yourself.


Tom Targa & Tina Turbo