AW23 Kollektion

The new AW23 collection "Discoteca" invites you an exciting night of partying. A party, where you can be whoever you want. One Party without time and space. A party that caresses you with feelings of happiness. Inspired by the early 80's in Milano, the collection shows bright colors, exciting materials and exciting prints Big cats on bright red Subsoil will be great with Flower formations combined and leave the Brightly illuminate autumn and winter. Power looks for power people. unisex,sexy, strong and soft at the same time.

Marcel Ostertag's fashion knows no boundaries. She is feminine, strong and cool for her, reduced and eccentric at the same time for him. The designer made his debut at London Fashion Week in 2006. He has been showing in Berlin since 2008 and is not only appreciated for his designs, but also for his diversity. In 2016 he showed his collections at New York Fashion Week and is now considered a household name in the German fashion scene. He gets his inspiration from his headquarters in Berlin, which arises in the field of tension between traditional influences and modernity. Ostertag does not have to define a target group. Its target group defines itself. Unisex. Timeless. ageless